Physical & Medical Standards for CDS

Physical & Medical Standards for CDS Candidates :

Union Public Sevice Commission (UPSC) conducts Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam to screen eligible young men and women for admission. Here are we provide you the criteria of physical & medical standards for CDS candidates.

***Note: Permanent body tattoos are only permitted on the inner face of the forearm and on the reverse side of the palm. Permanent body tattoos on any other part of the body are not acceptable. Tribes with tattoo marks on the face or body as per their custom and traditions will be permitted on a case to case basis.

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Height in (cm)             Weight in Kg                    Weight in Kg                      Weight in Kg

(Without shoes)             18 years                            20 years                             22 years

152                                        44                                       46                                         47

155                                        46                                       48                                         49

157                                        47                                       49                                         50

160                                        48                                       50                                         51

162                                        50                                       52                                         53

165                                        52                                       53                                         55

168                                        53                                       55                                         57

170                                        55                                       57                                         58

173                                        57                                       59                                         60

175                                        59                                       61                                         62

178                                        61                                       62                                         63

180                                        63                                       64                                         65

183                                        65                                       67                                         67

185                                        67                                       69                                         70

188                                        70                                       71                                         72

190                                        72                                       73                                         74

193                                        74                                       76                                         77

195                                        77                                       78                                         79

Note: For Gorkhas and individuals belonging to hills of North-Eastern region of India, Garhwali and Kumaon, the Minimum acceptable height will be 5 cms less. In case of candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum acceptable height can be reduced by 2 cms.

****The Table above is to be considered within the normal limit. However, in individuals with heavy bones and broad built as well as individuals with thin built but otherwise healthy this may be relaxed to some extent.

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Height in (cm)                                  Weight in Kg                        Weight in Kg                      Weight in Kg

(Without shoes)                                  20 years                                25 years                             30 years

148                                                              39                                          41                                        43

150                                                              40                                          42                                        43.5

153                                                              42                                          43.5                                     45

155                                                              43                                          44                                        46

158                                                              45                                          46                                        48

160                                                              46                                          47                                        49

163                                                              47                                          49                                        51

165                                                              49                                          51                                        53

168                                                              50                                          52                                        54

****The acceptable weight for Air Force candidates will be ± 10% of the average weight given below:—

(1) Chest should be well developed. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms. X-Ray of the chest is compulsory and will

be taken to rule out any disease of the chest.

(2) There should be no piles.

(3)  The hearing should be normal. A candidate should be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear at a distance of 610 cms. in a quiet room.

(4)  There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body.

(5) There should be no evidence of present or past disease of the ear, nose and throat.

(6)  There should be no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessel. Blood pressure should be normal.

(7)  A candidate should have no past history of mental breakdown or fits.

(8) Any disease of the skin which is likely to cause disability will cause rejection.

(9)  Inguinal Hernia (Un-operated) will be a cause for rejection. Those who have been operated may be declared medically fit, provided:-

   (i) One year has elapsed since operation, documentary proof to this aspect is to be produced.

   (ii) General tone of the abdominal musculature is good.

   (iii) Surgical scar is well healed without any gaping.

   (iv) There has been no recurrence to hernia.

(10) Candidates be free from AIDS.

(11) Urine examination will be done, and any abnormality will be a cause for rejection.

(12) The muscles of the abdomen should be well developed and there should be no enlargement of the liver. Any evidence of

disease of internal organs of the abdomen will be a cause for rejection.

(13) Carrying angle of the elbow should not be more than 15° and 18° among males and females respectively.

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The minimum acceptable visual acuity: Distant Vision (corrected) better eye 6/6, worse eye 6/18, myopia of not more than minus 3.50 including astigmatism.

****Candidates who have under-gone Radial Keratotomy to improve the visual acuity, will be permanently rejected; aslo candidates who have undergone Laser Surgery for correction of refractive error will be permanently rejected.

***Candidates who have undergone LASER Surgery for correction of refractive error will be considered for commission in Army if they fulfill following criteria:—

(i) Age more than 20 years.

(ii) Uncomplicated laser procedure done for Myopia or Hypermetropia, with stable refraction for a period of six months after the procedure.

(iii) Axial length within permissible limits.

(iv)  Corrected vision should be 6/6 in better eyes and 6/9 in worse eyes, with maximum residual refraction of + 1.50 in

any meridian for myopia or hypermetropia.

(v)  A healthy retina.


The candidates should have sufficient numbers of natural and sound teeth. Minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22. A candidate should not be suffering from severe pyorrhoea.


(1) Candidates who habitually wear spectacles are not eligible for the Air Force.

(2) Minimum distant vision 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other correctable to 6/6.

(3) Candidates who have undergone PRK/LASIK may be considered fit for the Air Force in all branches.

***At least 12 months should have elapsed post uncomplicated stable PRK/LASIK with no history or evidence of any complication.

*** PRK/LASIK surgery should not have been carried out before the age of 20.

***The axial length of the eye should not be more than 25.5 mm as measured by IOL master.

***The post PRK/LASIK corneal thickness as measured by a corneal pachymeter should not be less than 450 microns.

These are the most important physical & medical standards for cds candidates.

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