Selection Procedure of CDSE

selection procedure of cdse

Before knowing the selection procedure of CDSE one should know the eligibility criteria of CDS.

CDS Exam Eligibility: 

Age Limit:

Indian Military Academy                             19-24 years

Air Force Academy                                      19-24 years

Naval Academy                                            19-22 years

Officers’ Training Academy                        19-27 years

Educational Qualification:

(1) Degree of a recognized University or equivalent for IMA and OTA

(2) B.Sc. with Physics & Mathematics or Bachelor of Engg for Naval Academy

(3) B.Sc. with Physics and/or Mathematics or Bachelor of Engg for Air Force Academy

Note: Candidates who are studying in the final year degree course and have yet to pass the final year degree examination can also apply for CDS Exam.

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Written Examination:  CDSE is conducted twice a year by UPSC. CDSE is objective in nature. The candidates opting for IMA, INA and AFA are required to give exams of Mathematics, English and General Knowledge and candidates appearing for Officers Training Academy will have to give exams of English and General Knowledge. Time allotment for each paper is 2 hours.


SSB Interview: The candidates who are selected in the written test are called for the SSB interview.

Day 1: The first day in SSB is the Screening day: It consists of two tests. This tests consists of two tests Officer’s Intelligence and Rating test which consists of simple reasoning questions and Picture Perception and Description Test. Officer Intelligence Rating-test comprises two sections- Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, candidates have to answer some 55-60 questions from both the sections combinedly.  In Picture Perception and Description Test  you have to write a story along with age, sex and mood of the character which you see in the hazy picture shown for 30 seconds. Thereafter you have to narrate your story in front of members of the board and discuss. After these results are announced and  you will be  allotted fresh chest numbers and new groups are made.

Day 2: Psychological Tests: It consists of four continuous tests for about 2 hour without any break. First there is Thematic Apperception Test in which 11 picture slides and you have to write a story on the pictures. Each picture is shown for 30 seconds and you have to write the story in 4 minutes. After TAT you will have a Word Association Test, where 60 words will be shown each for 15 seconds and you have to write a response on each word in 15 seconds. Then comes the Situation Reaction Test where you will be given 60 situations and you have to give your reaction in 30 minutes. Lastly you will have a Self-Description Test where you have to write a paragraph each on what people around you think about you like family, friends, teacher, etc.

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Day 3:  GT Series: Group Task Series consists of 9 different types of tests which you have to perform in a group.  They are:

(1) Group Discussion

(2) Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)

(3) Progressive Group task

(4) Group Obstacle Race (Snake race)

(5) Half Group Task

(6) Lecturette

(7) Individual Obstacles

(8) Command Task

(9) Final Group Task

Day 4: Interview: A personal Interview is conducted in which candidate will be in direct conversation with the Interviewing Officer. The Interview is conducted on the basis of the Personnel Information Questionnaire Form which is filled by the candidate on their arrival to the SSB Board.

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Day 5: Conference: In conference candidates appear one by one in front of the complete Board of Officers consisting of the President of the board, Deputy President, Group Testing Officers, and Psychologists. Each candidate will be facing all SSB board members. It hardly goes for 1-2 mins.

*****In the end PABT is conducted for the flying branch candidates who are recommended.


Document Verification: You need to provide following original document :

(1) High School passing certificate for date of birthday verification

(2) Proof of Identity (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, etc.)

(3) Birth Certificate

(4) Passport Size Photographs

(5) Category Certificate for the Reserved Category Candidates

(6) Proof of Residence

(7) SSB call letter.

*****Original certificates will be returned after the verification. Certified true copies or Photostat copies of the certificates will not be accepted in any case.

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Medical Examination: The medical examination of all the shortlisted candidates is done as per medical standard by Board of Service Medical Officers.

So this is the selection procedure of cdse exams. If you want to crack the cdse exams so you want to follow this selection procedure of cdse.

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