What are the Don’ts that should not be followed in SSB Interview?

Dos and Don'ts in an SSB interview

SSB Interview is a very important stage to get selected for the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce. The qualified candidates of NDA, CDS etc. will be called for SSB Interview. The procedure of SSB Interview will be completed into 3 days. Earlier the SSB Interview was a 5-day schedule but now it has reduced to 3 days to make it more efficient. You can get proper training for SSB Interview by joining the best SSB coaching institute in Dehradun.

The SSB Interview isn’t your typical interview; it’s your gateway to the Indian Armed Forces. Maintaining discipline is crucial during this process, as the Defense sector values it highly. To prepare effectively, consider joining a top SSB Interview coaching in Dehradun. Now, let’s focus on the “Don’ts” of the SSB Interview. Explore this page to understand what to avoid during the interview. Enroll in a reputable SSB interview coaching institute in Dehradun to receive expert guidance and thorough preparation.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts in an SSB Interview?

Here are the 5 important don’t in an SSB interview.

1. Sitting Posture

Sitting posture is very important for an interview. Most of the time candidates prefer to sit in a stiff posture that denotes they have been trained to do so. You try to maintain this posture throughout the interview and eventually you fail to answer the questions properly. Sitting in a stiff posture is quite uncomfortable to maintain for a long period of time and also it looks quite awkward. Instead of a stiff posture, you should sit in a comfortable posture so that you can best attempt all the questions in an SSB interview. Getting the best SSB interview coaching in Dehradun is a very good option to prepare for SSB Interview but you should not forget your actual personality at the end. You might want to know what most candidate lies about in SSB interview.

2. Do not wear Sandals or sports shoes

You must have heard many times that you should wear proper clothes while SSB Interview but proper footwear is equally important to attend an interview. You should not wear sandals or sports shoes in SSB interview rather switch to formal shoes that perfectly suits your formal attire for SSB Interview.

3. Do not be repetitive

Proper communication is very important for SSB Interview. The way you communicate in the interview will leave an impression likewise on interviewers. Do not be repetitive and repeat the same thing again and again. It shows that you do not have enough content to explain your answers. On the other hand, do not be calm in the interview because it also shows that you are not enthusiastic to take part in the SSB Interview. There are many institutes that provide best SSB interview coaching in Dehradun that train the candidates for interview.

3. Be a good listener

You should give honest answers in the SSB interview and at the same time, you need to be a good listener. You cannot ask a question many times in the interview just by giving an excuse that you did not hear it properly. First, listen to a question with full concentration and then start answering it.

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4. Behave properly in Group Tasks

Group tasks are an important part of SSB selection. There are many tasks in SSB Interview that you have to accomplish in a group. You cannot behave bossy in group tasks nor you behave extremely like a gentleman. This kind of behaviour looks quite unrealistic rather you should maintain proper balance in Group Tasks. Join the best SSB interview coaching in Dehradun to get proper training for group tasks in SSB interview.

5. Be Realistic

Always be realistic in your approach. Do not answer any questions on the basis of fake stories just to make an impression. The interviewers are quite experienced, hence they can easily make out the difference between realistic and unrealistic facts. The interviewers want to recruit responsible, deserving, hardworking and passionate candidates for the best services in the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce.

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