Tips To Become The Leader Of Your Group

become leader of your group

To become the leader of your group is to understand that leadership is more than a position, it is making conscious decisions to be someone worth following. Leaders help others to do the right things. They set inspiring visions, and create something new.

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Here are some tips to become leader of your group :

sInterpersonal Skills : This is one of the most important aspects yet the most overlooked. In order to prove their point, sometimes candidates turn aggressive, this should be avoided. A leader should put his thoughts respectfully. A leader never hurts the sentiments and feelings of others. It’s often believed that the leader should speak first, but it’s not necessary. Leader should speak only when his point is productive in moving the discussion forward. Leader’s listening skills matter a lot. A leader should be a good listener and respect the opinion of everybody.

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Be Supportive And Encouraging : A leader always supports and encourages the ideas of group members. A leader always encourages introverted group members to speak.  Be comforting towards your group members.

Be Confident : Confidence is a must have attitude for a leader. When one candidate is confident, the other will easily accept his/her ideas. Not everyone can actually put their point but a confident person will always maximise the utilisation of the opportunity.

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Be creative : A leader always comes up with new and creative solutions to a problem. A person must inculcate the habit of creative thinking.   A new perspective presented in the group interactions will always give you the edge over other group members.

Be a team worker : A leader doesn’t focus too much on himself/ herself. A leader always works with every member of the group to make the group more inclusive. A leader is not someone who bosses around, but someone who leads and guides the group.

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