155 Important GD Topics For SSB/Airforce XY Phase – 2 Exam in 2024

155 Important GD Topics For Airforce XY Phase – 2 Exam-2

As aspiring candidates gear up for the NDA SSB interviews in 2024, staying updated with the latest current affairs and global issues is crucial. The Group Discussion (GD) round is a critical component of the SSB process, where candidates are evaluated on their ability to express their thoughts coherently, listen to others’ perspectives, and engage in a constructive dialogue.

X and Y group are the basic divisions of the Air Force. X group stands for technical and Y for non- technical position. One of the crucial rounds of the three phase selection process is Group Discussion. Its aim is to judge the knowledge and communication skills candidates possess. Here are some 155 GD topics for SSB/ Airforce XY exam.

Candidates need to appear for the computer-based exam, physical efficiency test, and medical examination, etc.

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Here are 155 GD topics for SSB/ AirForce XY Group in 2024 :

  1. Ban on Smartphones in Schools: Discuss the pros and cons of banning smartphones in educational institutions.
  2. Global Space Economy: Explore the economic aspects of space exploration and its impact on global markets.
  3. ISRO’s Aditya L1 Mission: Analyze ISRO’s Aditya L1 mission and its significance in solar studies.
  4. Deglobalization: Debate the concept of deglobalization and its implications for international trade.
  5. Expansion of BRICS: Discuss the expansion and role of BRICS in global politics and economics.
  6. Titan Submersible Implosion: Examine the incident involving the Titan submersible and its lessons.
  7. Restrictions on the Import of Laptops, Tablets, and Servers: Evaluate the impact of restrictions on technology imports.
  8. Contribution of the Aviation Industry to Our Lives: Discuss how the aviation industry benefits society.
  9. Energy Transition: Analyze the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
  10. Chandrayaan-3: Explore India’s mission to the moon and its scientific goals.
  11. India-UAE Relations: Discuss the diplomatic and economic ties between India and the UAE.
  12. Green Growth: Debate the concept of green growth and its sustainability.
  13. 3D Printing: Examine the applications and implications of 3D printing technology.
  14. Sustainable Development Goals: Discuss the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and India’s progress.
  15. The Second Space Age: Analyze the advancements in space exploration and their impact on humanity.
  16. De-dollarization: Explore the move away from the US dollar as a global reserve currency.
  17. IMF World Economic Outlook 2023: Evaluate the IMF’s economic projections for 2023.
  18. Effects of Income Inequality and Poverty on Society: Discuss the social consequences of income inequality and poverty.
  19. China-Taiwan Crisis: Analyze the tensions between China and Taiwan and their global implications.
  20. India-Japan Relations: Discuss the diplomatic, economic, and strategic ties between India and Japan.
  21. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence & Automation: Debate the ethical challenges posed by AI and automation.
  22. How Will 2022 Shape 2023?: Predict the global events and trends for the year 2023.
  23. Budget 2023-24: Examine India’s budget for the fiscal year 2023-24.
  24. Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: Analyze the economic challenges faced by Pakistan.
  25. Use of Technology in Agriculture: Discuss the role of technology in transforming agriculture.
  26. Necklace of Diamonds Strategy: Explore India’s diplomatic strategy known as the “Necklace of Diamonds.”
  27. The Rise of Generative AI: Discuss the advancements in generative artificial intelligence.
  28. India-Bangladesh Relations: Evaluate the diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between India and Bangladesh.
  29. Cyber Warfare: Analyze the threats and challenges of cyber warfare in the modern world.
  30. Recession: Discuss the economic consequences of a recession and strategies for recovery.
  31. Space Tourism: Explore the emerging industry of space tourism.
  32. INS Vikrant: Discuss India’s aircraft carrier and its naval capabilities.
  33. US – China Relations: Analyze the complex relationship between the United States and China.
  34. India as a Developed Country by 2047: Discuss the path for India to achieve developed country status by 2047.
  35. India @ 75: Evaluate India’s progress as it celebrates its 75th year of independence.
  36. India – Maldives Relations: Discuss the diplomatic and economic ties between India and the Maldives.
  37. India’s Defence Exports: Analyze India’s defense exports and their global significance.
  38. India – UK Relations: Discuss the historical and contemporary relations between India and the United Kingdom.
  39. India – Sri Lanka Relations: Evaluate the diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between India and Sri Lanka.
  40. War Crimes: Examine international responses to war crimes and their accountability.
  41. Women in Armed Forces: Discuss the role of women in the armed forces and their empowerment.
  42. Atmanirbhar Bharat in the Defence Sector: Explore India’s self-reliance in the defense sector.
  43. NATO: Analyze the role and relevance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  44. Russia-Ukraine War: Discuss the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its global implications.
  45. How Can We Make the Internet a Safer Place?: Debate measures to enhance internet security.
  46. Defence Budget 2022-23: Examine India’s defense budget for the fiscal year 2022-23.
  47. Union Budget 2022-23: Discuss the Union Budget of India for the fiscal year 2022-23.
  48. Covid Third Wave in India: Analyze the potential impact of a third wave of COVID-19 in India.
  49. Summit for Democracy: Discuss the significance of global democracy summits.
  50. Belarus-EU Migrant Crisis: Analyze the migrant crisis at the Belarus-EU border.
  51. Global Refugee Crisis: Discuss the challenges posed by the global refugee crisis.
  52. Drone Technology – Pros & Cons: Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of drone technology.
  53. AUKUS vs Quad: Compare and contrast the AUKUS and Quad alliances.
  54. AUKUS: Discuss the AUKUS alliance and its implications.
  55. COVID-19: Analyze the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society and the economy.
  56. BRICS vs Quad: Compare the BRICS and Quad groupings in international relations.
  57. Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis: Examine the economic challenges faced by Sri Lanka.
  58. India-Afghanistan Relations: Discuss India’s relations with Afghanistan in the post-Taliban era.
  59. Is Technology Headed in the Right Direction?: Debate the trajectory of technological advancements.
  60. Taliban Rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India: Analyze the implications of Taliban rule in Afghanistan for India.
  61. Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health: Discuss the mental health challenges arising from the pandemic.
  62. Post-Covid World: Explore the changes and challenges in a post-COVID-19 world.
  63. The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Predict the future developments in AI technology.
  64. Quad: Discuss the objectives and significance of the Quad alliance.
  65. Is the United Nations Still Relevant?: Debate the relevance of the UN in contemporary geopolitics.
  66. Should Anonymity Be Allowed on the Internet?: Discuss the balance between online anonymity and accountability.
  67. Fit India Movement: Evaluate the impact of the Fit India Movement on public health.
  68. Disaster Management in India: Discuss disaster preparedness and management in India.
  69. Coastal Security of India: Analyze the measures to enhance India’s coastal security.
  70. How Can India Become a Superpower?: Debate the path for India to achieve superpower status.
  71. Syrian Crisis: Discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria and its global implications.
  72. CPEC: Examine the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its implications.
  73. India – Russia Relations: Discuss the diplomatic, economic, and strategic ties between India and Russia.
  74. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Analyze the role of India in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.
  75. Changing Relation Between India and Bangladesh: Evaluate the evolving relations between India and Bangladesh.
  76. ‘Neighbourhood First’ Policy: Discuss India’s foreign policy approach of “Neighbourhood First.”
  77. BIMSTEC: Analyze the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation.
  78. Blood Is Thicker Than Water – Abstract GD Topic: Discuss the concept of familial bonds versus other relationships.
  79. Mechanisms Adopted to Combat Terrorism: Examine global efforts to combat terrorism.
  80. India – Iran Relations: Discuss the diplomatic, economic, and strategic ties between India and Iran.
  81. Nationalism vs Regionalism: Debate the balance between nationalism and regionalism in India.
  82. India-France Relations: Analyze the diplomatic, economic, and defense ties between India and France.
  83. BRICS: Discuss the objectives and significance of the BRICS group.
  84. Is Nuclear Disarmament Mandatory to Achieve World Peace?: Debate the role of nuclear disarmament in global peace.
  85. Criminalization of Politics: Discuss the impact of criminalization in Indian politics.
  86. Who Serves the Country Most – Teacher or Soldier?: Debate the contributions of teachers and soldiers to the nation.
  87. India-US Relations: Analyze the diplomatic, economic, and strategic ties between India and the United States.
  88. India’s Role in Its Neighboring Countries: Discuss India’s role in the development and diplomacy of neighboring countries.
  89. Is the Concept of Non-Violence Still Applicable?: Debate the relevance of non-violence in modern conflicts.
  90. “America First” Policy: Good or Bad for World Geopolitics?: Analyze the implications of the “America First” policy.
  91. India’s Long Coastal Line – Advantage or Liability?: Debate the strategic significance of India’s extensive coastline.
  92. Youth Empowerment for India’s Development: Discuss strategies to empower the youth for nation-building.
  93. India – Pakistan Relations: Analyze the complex and historic relations between India and Pakistan.
  94. Modernization of Armed Forces: Discuss India’s efforts to modernize its armed forces.
  95. India’s Foreign Policy (Revisited): Revisit and analyze India’s foreign policy from various angles.
  96. Who Is the True Ally of India?: Debate India’s key allies in the international arena.
  97. Challenges of Inclusive Development in India: Analyze the challenges of ensuring inclusive development.
  98. India-China Relations (Revisited): Revisit and assess the complexities of India-China relations.
  99. Is War the Best Way to Solve International Disputes?: Debate the role of war in resolving global conflicts.
  100. India’s Fight Against Terrorism – Pulwama Terror Attacks: Discuss India’s counter-terrorism efforts in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack.
  101. Should Military Training Be Compulsory for All in India?: Debate the proposal of mandatory military training.
  102. If Third World War Happens, What Will Be the Possible Reason Behind It?: Speculate on potential triggers for a third world war.
  103. Freebie Politics in India: Analyze the impact of freebie politics on governance and society.
  104. Role of India in United Nations: Discuss India’s role and contributions to the United Nations.
  105. Universal Basic Income – Pros & Cons: Evaluate the feasibility and implications of a universal basic income.
  106. G20 – GD Topic: Discuss the role and relevance of the Group of Twenty (G20).
  107. What Is the Biggest Problem That India Is Facing?: Identify and analyze India’s most pressing challenges.
  108. Can Women Be in Combat Roles?: Debate the inclusion of women in combat roles in the armed forces.
  109. Industrial Revolution 4.0: Discuss the impacts and challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.
  110. Public Perception of the Police – How Can It Be Improved?: Analyze public perceptions of law enforcement and ways to improve them.
  111. US Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal – Impact on India: Discuss the consequences of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal for India.
  112. Should India Sign CTBT & NPT?: Debate India’s stance on signing the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
  113. Zero – Abstract GD Topic: Discuss the abstract concept of zero and its significance.
  114. Are We Forgetting Our Seven Sisters?: Analyze India’s relationship with the northeastern states often referred to as the “Seven Sisters.”
  115. Son of the Soil Approach in Recruitment – Good or Bad?: Debate the merits and drawbacks of the “son of the soil” approach in job recruitment.
  116. Are CCTV Cameras in Public Places Effective or Just an Invasion of Privacy?: Discuss the use of CCTV cameras for public safety.
  117. Red – Abstract GD Topic: Delve into the abstract concept of the color red and its symbolism.
  118. Why Is India One of the Biggest Defense Equipment Importers?: Analyze the factors contributing to India’s status as a major defense equipment importer.
  119. Involving Army in Civil Tasks – Right or Wrong?: Debate the involvement of the military in civilian tasks.
  120. One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages: Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme.
  121. Should ‘Group Discussion’ Be Compulsory in the Hiring Process?: Analyze the effectiveness of group discussions in the hiring process.
  122. Fake News – Impact on Society: Discuss the consequences of fake news on society and media literacy.
  123. How Can Indo-Pak Relations Be Improved?: Explore strategies to enhance relations between India and Pakistan.
  124. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Pros & Cons: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.
  125. Has Democracy Hampered India’s Progress?: Debate the impact of democracy on India’s development.
  126. Can World Peace Be Achieved?: Discuss the prospects and challenges of achieving global peace.
  127. Is China a Threat to India?: Analyze the geopolitical dynamics between China and India.
  128. Can India Get Into NSG?: Explore India’s aspirations to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).
  129. Should India Be Given a Permanent Seat in UNSC?: Discuss India’s bid for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
  130. AFSPA: Analyze the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and its implications.
  131. Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?: Debate the abolition of the death penalty in India.
  132. Relevance of Gandhi in Modern World: Discuss the continuing relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles in the contemporary world.
  133. How to Deal with International Terrorism?: Explore strategies to address and combat international terrorism.
  134. Role of UN in Peacekeeping: Analyze the United Nations’ role in maintaining global peace and security.
  135. The Impact of Social Media on Society: Discuss the influence and consequences of social media on society.
  136. India-China Border Dispute: Analyze the ongoing border dispute between India and China.
  137. The Future of Work Post-COVID-19: Discuss the transformations in the workplace in a post-COVID-19 world.
  138. India’s Energy Security: Evaluate India’s strategies for ensuring energy security.
  139. The Role of Youth in Nation-Building: Discuss the contributions and potential of youth in nation-building.
  140. Climate Change and Its Impact on the Globe: Analyze the global impact of climate change and the need for action.
  141. The Rise of E-commerce in India: Discuss the growth and challenges of e-commerce in India.
  142. India’s Space Program: Explore India’s achievements and goals in space exploration.
  143. The Impact of Automation on Jobs: Discuss the effects of automation on employment.
  144. India’s Foreign Policy (Revisited): Revisit and analyze India’s foreign policy from various angles.
  145. The Future of Education: Explore the future of education in the digital age.
  146. The Impact of Globalization on India: Analyze the effects of globalization on India’s economy and society.
  147. The Role of Women in the Armed Forces: Discuss the contributions and challenges faced by women in the armed forces.
  148. India’s Healthcare System: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of India’s healthcare system.
  149. The Impact of the Gig Economy on Employment: Discuss the gig economy’s influence on traditional employment.
  150. India’s Agricultural Sector: Analyze the challenges and opportunities in India’s agriculture.
  151. The Impact of Social Inequality on Society: Discuss the consequences of social inequality on society.
  152. India’s Maritime Security: Examine India’s efforts to secure its maritime interests.
  153. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society: Discuss the societal implications of AI.
  154. India’s Defense Modernization: Analyze India’s efforts to modernize its defense capabilities.
  155. Post-Covid World…: Speculate on the changes and challenges in a post-COVID-19 world.

Remember, the GD round is not just about demonstrating your knowledge but also about showcasing your ability to listen, respect diverse viewpoints, and contribute to a constructive dialogue. Prepare well, stay updated with current affairs, and approach the GD with confidence and an open mind.

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