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Dehradun Defence Academy provides the best coaching for  engineering officer in Merchant Navy

Making a Career in Engineering officer is like a dream come true. It offers the opportunity to explore the world, navigating the ship, maintaining cargos, managing the ship & much more. A merchant navy officer also needs to be ready to face different challenges that they may come across daily. 

Merchant Navy needs eligible candidates who are passionate and adventurous at the same time to work as a sea warrior. They have to work for months (6-7 months) without taking a break. They get a vacation for a few months, like 4-5 months. Merchant Navy officers put dedication to their work, and they perform their best, staying away from their family for months at a stretch.

Dehradun Defence Academy helps the candidates to make a career in engineering officer entry in Merchant Navy. The academy guides candidates as per the standard of selection procedure of officers in Merchant Navy.

Career in Merchant Navy Engineering Officer 

Merchant Navy recruits eligible candidates on the post of engineer. The officers work in different water vessels, cruise liners, ferries, container ships, tankers, and royal navy ships. They have to monitor a vessel’s engine, cranes, ventilation systems, communication systems, other fittings. Merchant Navy engineers are responsible for handling several tasks on the ship such as,

  • The engineering officer has to perform regular checks on machinery systems.
  • They have to look after the repairing of faulty machinery (if any) both below and above the deck.
  • Officer has to keep the records of management systems up to date.
  • They also have to monitor the level of fuel and stock of the spare parts.
  • Training and monitoring of the new appointees on an engineering level is also a responsibility of an engineering officer.

There is a team of engineers working on different levels in a large water vessel. These officers are allocated to different levels as per their qualifications and are responsible for performing different tasks.

  • Junior Engineering Officer

Responsible for handling general machinery maintenance 

  • Third Engineering Officer

Deals with electrical systems and assists the second engineering officer to supervise the tasks and activities.

  • Second Engineering Officer

The second Engineering officer is responsible for checking day to day activities and engine crew.

  • Chief Engineering Officer

Chief Engineers are responsible for planning different engineering activities and allocate the tasks to junior engineering staff.

How will Dehradun Defence Academy help candidates to get success in Engineering Officer Entry?

Dehradun Defence Academy is the best place for the coaching of defence examination, including the Merchant Navy coaching in Dehradun. Merchant Navy is an attractive career option that attracts most of the youth of the country. It is a dream of many students to join the Merchant Navy as an engineering officer, but the path is not an easy one.

The journey of becoming an engineering officer is full of hard work, dedication, passion, and commitment. The candidates who are committed to fulfilling their dream will be able to get success with hard work and dedication.

Dehradun Defence Academy is with aspirants to guides them in achieving their goal of joining the Merchant Navy as an engineering officer. We have the best faculty to train candidates for Merchant Navy. Our faculty will train candidates properly for the selection procedure of an engineering officer. Candidates get trained both physically and mentally to qualify for Merchant Navy selections.

Benefits of Joining Dehradun Defence Academy

As far as the infrastructure of Dehradun Defence Academy is concerned, we provide the best infrastructure in Dehradun. We provide a vast campus, spacious classrooms, a big playground, library, hostel, and mess facility.

We make sure to provide these basic requirements to our candidates so that they can get complete training to achieve their goals. The infrastructure of Dehradun Defence Academy helps the candidates to concentrate on preparation for Merchant Navy selections. We also provide the Best NDA Coaching centre in Dehradun through our innovative training methods. Our objective is to develop the overall personality of the candidate and make them a team leader in every situation of their lives.

We conduct different activities and sports for the physical fitness of the candidates. The candidates also get involved in various extracurricular activities and personality development classes. We train the candidates to face the high competition level in the selection procedure of engineering officers in the Merchant Navy.

How to become an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy?

  • The candidates interested to become an officer in Merchant Navy must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University or institute in any of the following disciplines.
  • Civil Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Harbour and Ocean Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Naval Architectural & Offshore Engineering

The admission process to become an officer in the Merchant Navy involves several phases. These phases include-


All candidates who want to be an Engineering Officer must have to qualify IMU-CET. Indian Maritime University conducts IMU-CET to shortlist the eligible candidates. After qualifying IMU-CET, a candidate is eligible for B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.Tech in Maritime Engineering. Now they can apply for the courses in those colleges who have an affiliation to Indian Maritime University.

  • JEE

There are a few govt. Colleges that consider the JEE scorecard to provide admission in engineering courses. They can opt for JEE, and after qualifying it, they must join a college that accepts the JEE scorecard for engineering admissions. 

  • Training and Examination

Pre-sea training is compulsory for all the candidates before they sent on board. The pre-sea training period will be for one year. After completion of the pre-sea training, the candidates will again undergo six months of training on the ship.

Once aspirant completes the training period, they will have to appear for the competency examination. After this, aspirants will be ready to work as a junior engineering officer on the ship. To get promotions to further engineering levels, candidates need to complete the sea time and also have to appear for the competency exam. It is the brief information about the Merchant Navy Engineering Officer Entry. Candidates get to know the roles and responsibilities of an officer and how they can become an engineering officer in the Merchant Navy.

All candidates have to put in a lot of hard work to prepare for engineering officer entry in Merchant Navy. For preparation, Candidates can join the Dehradun Defence Academy. We will provide them with the best engineering officer coaching to get success in joining the Merchant Navy.

For more details and to join Dehradun Defence Academy, candidates can provide their details below.

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