How to Prepare for SSB Group Discussion

ssb group discussion

In SSB Group discussion candidates get an opportunity to exchange their opinions and ideas on subjects and issues. It is an excellent way to display your knowledge of current affairs. It helps the candidates to know each other. Through SSB Group discussion three personality traits are assessed, namely,   knowledge, interpersonal skills and communication abilities.

Skills judged in SSB Group Discussions :

  • Communication with others
  • Group behaviour
  • Body gestures.
  • Attitude and confidence.
  • Leadership and decision-making skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Patience to listen attentively

Communication  Skills :

Effective communication is the most important thing in SSB Group Discussion. To be an active member of the group, the candidate should put his point of view before the group. Your communication skills help you in getting the attention of the group members. Don’t debate with others as it’s Group discussion  not debate. Don’t pass comments negatively about others points, even though it is wrong. Don’t get aggressive or rude if you disagree with anyone.Do not try to dominate anyone. Candidate should be able to convey his/her thoughts convincingly in SSB Group discussion.

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Be Formal :

In SSB Group discussion use formal language and address other participants with respect. Do not make a lot of hand or face gestures while you are not speaking. Do not use extreme words and extreme statements. Do not poke people sitting next to you. Candidates should not point to a specific participant while Group discussion, try to be objective in your arguments.

Knowledge of the given topic :

In a SSB Group discussion the quality of your content matters. Try to watch various discussions on national news channels  especially in English and read editorials to improve your depth of knowledge . The second most important thing is a candidate’s ability to utilise his/her knowledge in a manner that he/she can show analytical approach to a topic. Since the Group discussion topics are mostly a recent controversial topic, if a candidate is updated with current affairs, content is not an issue. Read the newspaper daily.

Listen To The Group Members :

Candidate should not be rigid about his/her ideas, candidate should accommodate others ideas. Adjusting to new ideas in an unfamiliar environment is an important quality, this way a candidate’s adaptability will come to light. A good leader is also a good listener, so do not interrupt others while they are speaking, make notes and clear the points when it is your turn. Patiently listen to others, this way you get more involved with the group in a positive manner.

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Sharing of knowledge with the group :

The candidate should share his/her knowledge with other group members during the Group Discussion in SSB, as Group Discussion is to check candidates ability to carry the group along  and showing the ability to learn from other candidates. SSB Group Discussion is a process of mutual growth and not about individuals. Enter in Group Discussion by making a supportive or acknowledging statement as other group members will think you are supporting them and they will let you speak.

Tips For SSB Group Discussions :
  • listen to the G.T.O. keenly .
  • Start only if you have properly understood the topic and have some knowledge about it.
  • Keep eye contact with all group members and don’t  look at the G.T.O.
  • In the starting of SSB Group Discussion, one will get maximum uninterrupted time to put opinion. From the beginning of Group Discussion, grab the opportunity to speak and grab the attention of everybody.
  • Make an impression through your content and presentation skills while beginning a Group Discussion.
  • Every SSB Group Discussion has its highs and lows, and identifies a way to enter a Group Discussion.
  • If a group is deviating from the topic then simply take the initiative to bring the discussion on track.
  • Summarise all points discussed in a nutshell and avoid raising new points.
  • Do not emphasise your viewpoints only while summarising the Group Discussion, keep the conclusion to the point and include all important points.
  • Read newspapers, watch discussions at national news channels to enhance your knowledge

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