How To Write The Proper Solution Of Group Planning Exercise :

The Group Planning Exercise test is basically designed to check decision making abilities of aspirants. Candidates will be given a set of problems, which need to be solved in different time constraints.

Proper Solution Of Group Planning Exercise :

Step 1: Brief introduction of the concerned model will be given by GTO. GTO will tell about the marks, direction, scale and other features of the model. Here candidates should be very attentive because if they missed any information or misinterpreted anything on map, it will affect their performance.

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Step 2 : In this step GTO will read out the problem in the concerned model to candidates. In this test candidates need to co-relate the problems to the map. Candidates need to listen with attention to hidden  resources, given resources, time constraints and total no. of  problems.

Step 3 : You will be given 5 minutes to read the write up of the problem. If a candidate listens attentively in step 2 then in this step he/she will get advantage. Those 5 minutes can be utilised in planning.

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Step 4 : In this step GTO will ask candidates to write their individual solutions. Don’t miss anything, give all the details. Always mention hidden resources as it shows practical thinking and alertness of the candidate. Always mention distance asper the given scale. Candidates will be given 10 minutes to write the solution.

Step 5 : In this stage candidates are required to discuss the solution for approx 10 to 15 Minutes and make a group plan. This step will test candidates’ decision making ability. One of the candidates will be nominated to give a plan to GTO with the help of Map.

If the candidate has made a good plan and has a valid reason for all solutions, it is sufficient for a good discussion. If a candidate has strong reasons, his/her group mates will agree automatically. Be confident and active throughout the discussion.

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Tips For Group Planning Exercise :

  1. The description and instructions give the correct hints to solve the problem. When the GTO officer is reading out and describing the scene, concentrate on the map. Classify the problems, resources and helping material, to make a suitable plan.
  2. In GPE, Some problems need social knowledge to solve the problem. This social knowledge helps candidates to prioritize the problem. Lack of social knowledge can lead to an ineffective solution.
  3. The problems need to be classified correctly. The basic way of classifying is to give first priority to the life and second to the material damages. Giving much importance to red herring is time wastage.
  4. The plan has many resources to use, using resources in a sensible way takes you out of the problems.
  5. The style of solution writing matters to some extent.  The quality of content, solving problems from starting to end and comprehensive solutions is what matters.
  6. Keep the discussion to the point and calm.

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