Strategy to clear SSB

Strategy to clear ssb

Service Selection Board is the body that conducts the SSB Interview of the candidates. SSB Screens the contender for the Army, Navy and Air Force. SSB Interview is a five days long procedure which includes Intelligence & Personality Test. In this article we discuss about the strategy to clear SSB exam.

Here is the strategy to clear SSB:

Effective Communication:

Effective Communication plays a major role in the SSB Interview. Candidate are tested through 3 tests namely psychological test, group testing and personal interview. In these 3 tests, the candidate is required to project his personality through various forms of communication and tasks. Communicating in the english language can be crucial for some candidates. First, you should develop communication skills  by regularly reading english newspapers, english books and watching english news. Try talking to friends and family in the English language as far as possible.

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Your appearance reflects a lot of who you are. A well dressed, neat looking candidate attracts the attention of the selectors. It additionally ponders one’s coordinated method of living. It is in every case great to be dressed well during the selection cycle. Also, ensure that you take a nice haircut and shave every day during the SSB Interview.


As officers, one is expected to evolve solutions to practical situations.  Your reasoning will be tested at two levels in the SSB interview. The abstract level testing will be in the psychological test, interview, group discussion, group planning and lecturette and the practical level testing will be in the remaining GTO test. The best way to develop abstract reasoning is by listening to panel discussions on various topics and by reading editorial and good magazines. You should also practice various reasoning tests to sharpen your reasoning ability.

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Value System:

Social adaptability, cooperation and sense of responsibility. Unless an aspirant is able to adapt to the different culture and social environment, he/she is a mid-fit in the armed forces. A potential candidate should mix freely with people and adjust quickly despite the differences. Candidates should keep group interest ahead of individual interest.

Balance of mind and heart:

This ability determines the social effectiveness and leadership ability of the candidate. A successful candidate is the one who performs towards the group objectives by taking his teammates along. So the core strategy here is to be seen as a valuable member of the team whom the team trusts.

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