Career in Defence- Guidance for deserving students

A career in Defence- Guidance for deserving students at Dehradun Defence Academy

Choosing a career in Defence has always been a matter of dignity and honour. Joining Defence is like opting for an extraordinary lifestyle. The youth of our country with dedication, courage and ready to face challenges are invited to join the Defence sector.  There are many opportunities available in Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy after 10th, 12th and Graduation. The students interested to join Defence need to aware about these career opportunities available for them. They need proper guidance to get success in joining the Defence sector.

Which is the correct option for you to make a career in Defence? Well, there are many opportunities available in different sectors of Defence. Dehradun Defence Academy is the place for you to stay updated about the new openings in Defence and ways to get entry into that. Join the academy to get entry into one of the prestigious career option. Dehradun Defence Academy is not just a coaching centre but it is way beyond that. Yes, of course, the academy provides the best NDA coaching in Dehradun but it also provides guidelines to its students towards right path to get success. The academy not only shows the correct career option to the students but also train them on how to achieve that goal?

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Is planning really important to get success in career?

 Having a job is not only getting money on monthly basis rather it represents your personality. The first thing which is important when you choose a career option is, of course, the satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is really important instead of making someone else happy because it reflects your personality. Hence, it is very important that you plan your career rather than choosing any random career option.

If you are planning to join armed forces you should be determined by your decision. There should not be any confusion in your mind about choosing Defence as a career option. Now, this is not enough because there are lot many opportunities available in Defence like Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Indian Coast Guard etc. Here you need experts to guide you for the correct career option for you. To help you out in this situation, Dehradun Defence Academy is present next to you. We provide the best NDA coaching in Dehradun and proper guidelines to get entry into Defence.

Career opportunities in Defence

 Joining Defence makes an individual disciplined, strong and courageous. Defence sector in India includes Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce. All the three Defence forces are being monitored by the Ministry of Defence. The soldiers that provide their services are the assets of these Defence forces. Like many others, you can also join Defence Forces as a career option. If you are confused about a particular field in Defence then Dehradun Defence Academy is with you in this journey. We will guide you to your destination. We have given a brief description about the career opportunities in Defence after 10th, 12th and Graduation.

  • The career in Indian Army

You can join Indian Army after Higher Secondary through NDA entry under the guidelines of Dehradun Defence Academy, the best Indian Army Coaching in Dehradun. The candidates who have completed graduation can go for CDSE option. The opportunities available in Indian Army are as given here.

  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • Combined Defence Service Examination (CDSE)
  • Technical Entry Scheme (TES)
  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC)
  • SSC Technical
  • University Entry Scheme (UES)
  • NCC Special Entry


  • The career in Indian Airforce

Indian Airforce has the responsibility of securing the Indian airspace. Indian Airforce is one of the promising career options for the youths of India. Indian Airforce release notification almost every year for the recruitment of passionate and eligible candidates. Let’s have a look at the career opportunities available in Indian Airforce, Dehradun Deefence Academy is the best Airforce Coaching in Dehradun.

  • Career Opportunities in Flying Branch

In India, many of us had a dream of our childhood to become an Airforce Pilot. So here come the opportunities available in Flying Branch of Indian Airforce. Only those applicants can apply who will fulfil the eligibilities required for the posts.

  • NDA (National Defence Academy)
  • CDSE (Combined Defence Services Examinations)
  • SSC (Short Service Commission)
  • NCC Special Entry
  • Career Opportunities in Technical Branch

Indian Airforce also recruits candidates from technical field in Technical Branch. The opportunities in Technical Branch are

  • Aeronautics Engineering Course (Electronics)
  • Aeronautics Engineering Course (Mechanical)
  • University Entry Scheme
  • Career Opportunities in Ground Duty Branch

The opportunities in Ground Duty Branch are as follows. The interested candidates can join these branches by fulfilling the eligibilities required for them.

  • Administrative Branch
  • Accounts Branch
  • Logistics Branch
  • Education Branch
  • Meteorology Branch
  • A career in Indian Navy 

Indian Navy invites eligible candidates to be a part of it on the different stages of your life such as after 12th, after Graduation etc. Indian Navy has the responsibility of securing the maritime of Indian borders. Dehradun Defence Academy is the best Indian Navy Coaching in Dehradun, The career options available in Indian Navy are-

  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • Combined Defence Service Examination (CDSE)
  • Naval Armament inspection Centre(NAIC)
  • Logistics Cadre
  • SSC-Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  • SSC- Pilot
  • SSC- Observer
  • SSC- Information Technology (IT)

Role of Dehradun Defence Academy in making a career in Defence

As we all know that “Hard work is the key to success”. Yes, it is very true. Hard work is very important to achieve a particular goal in life but it is also a fact that proper guidance is equally important in achieving goals. When we say ‘Proper Guidance’ it does not mean only guidance through speeches. In Dehradun Defence Academy we equally participate and put hard work in guiding a student through providing the best NDA coaching in Dehradun, training sessions and complete personality development classes etc. If you want to join Dehradun Defence Academy to fulfil your dream of joining Defence Services then you can contact us at-

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Note We are also Provide Sainik/RIMC Coaching in Dehradun

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