General Question asked in SSB interview

general question asked in ssb interview

Dehradun Defence Academy is one of the best institute for defence services coaching in dehradun. We give our students best education facilities and study material. Here we give you most 50+ General question asked in SSB interview. These question are very important for crack SSB Interview.

1) Which place do you belong to and tell me something about that place?

2) What is your name? What is the meaning of it?

3) What are you doing currently?

4) Tell me about your journey to the SSB centre?

5) Who accompanied you to the SSB centre and why?

6) Which places did you visit during your stay?

7) Have you been earlier to SSB?

8) What was the result of the previous SSB?

9) What are you doing now to improve yourself?

10) Why weren’t proper efforts given earlier?

11) What did you see in the waiting room, just before entering here?

12) What were the co-extracurricular facilities available in your school/college?

13) What subjects did you like the most during school or in college?

14) What are your hobbies and interests? Give a brief description.

15) Which one did you participate in, what were your achievements? If not participated, then


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16) How do you interact with people in your neighborhood or society in which you are living &

activities in which you get personally involved?

17) How much pocket money do you get or salary (if employed). How do you spend that


18) Tell me some good qualities of your father, mother and brother/sister?

19) How would you compare yourself with your father/brother/sister? Who is doing better?

20) In what ways you are similar and dissimilar from your brother/sister?

21) What is your daily routine from morning to evening? How do you spend your weekends?

22) What are your spare time activities like hobbies & TV – which programme do you watch?

23) If you don’t get recommended, what would you do?

24) What do you think are your strengths or weaknesses?

25) What are the ranks of officers in the Indian army/ navy / air force?

26) How many commands are there in the Indian army? Where are they ?

27) Name the chief of staff of the 3 forces?

28) What type of tanks does the army have?

29) Tell us about the nuclear submarine of India?

30) What are the frontline aircraft of the Indian air force?

31) Give the ranks of the air force and its equivalent in the army/ Navy?

32) What is AFSPA?

33) Tell us about the Indo-Pak Wars?

34) What are some of the important operations of the Indian army?

35) Mention the special forces of all the armed forces of the Indian Army.

36) What is your opinion about the modernization of the armed forces?

37) What are your thoughts on the Kashmir issue?

38) What is DAC and

39) Can you tell me about IGMDP?

40) What is AWACS?

41) What is DRDO?

42) What types of aircraft are used by aircraft?

43) What is G-force? What is its significance to a pilot?

44) Tell about the AGNI missile

45) What is meant by IOR?

46) Tell us about Siachen glacier.

47) Do you know about article 370?

48) What is the supersonic missile of India? Tell about it

49) Tell about ISRO and what is ISRO significance to the armed forces?

50) Tell us few indigenously made equipment name

So these are 50+ general question asked in ssb interview.

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