Best Books For SSB Preparation

In order to get recommended in SSB, the candidate should have thorough knowledge and preparation. In this article we discuss about the best books for SSB preparation.

These are  the best books for SSB preparation :

1) SSB Interview -The Complete Guide:

This book is written by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan, who has an experience of over 25 years in the Indian Navy, and a three year experience as a Group Task Officer at the SSB Board, Bhopal.. This book will give you a deeper insight on the various stages of 5 days SSB tests. This is considered one of the best ssb book for nda and other defence competitive exams. It delivers the subjects in an easy to read and simplified manner. This will cover all the doubts about the SSB interview.

The second section of the book talks about the various Geo  politics topics, which helps you in interview, conference and group discussion.

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2) Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests:

This book is published by SSBCrack. Best feature of this book is its simplest language that is easy to understand and work with.  Its well-structured outlined methods, makes it easy for the aspirants to grasp the knowledge imparted.

This book is the perfect set of tools that are required in shaping up your personality. It sheds light on your current personality and choices and provides you inputs with what can be incorporated in your personality and choices.

This book is mainly focused on psychological testing procedures containing TAT, WAT, SRT and SD.  Breaking the code will teach you all the skills you require to crack all psychological tests.

3) SSB OIR & PPDT – Complete Guide To Stage 1:

It is one of the best book for ssb screening tests. This book will give you an insight on the First Stage of SSB. This book covers all major topics in detailed form with detailed explanation of each.

It also includes a good amount of practice sets. It also comes with a link to download practice slides for free and complete your preparation to crack Stage 1 of SSB.

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4) Get Success in SSB Interviews:

This book is by Arihant. This book presents information through diagrams. This book gives special coverages on lectures and group discussions. This book is a guide on how to cultivate the officers’ like qualities.

5) Modern SSB Interviews by Col. Kuldip S. Dosanjh:

This book covers the entire interview selection process. The book throws light on interview strategies and the psychological techniques. The writer has personal experience in the Indian Army and offers practical guidelines.

6) SSB Interviews & Psycho Intelligence Tests by M.L.Batura:

It offers an entire section of psycho intelligence tests. It also offers several mock interviews and tips and strategies for pilot aptitude tests. Its several chapters consist of all kinds of situations. In addition, there are several model interviews.

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