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Dehradun Defence Academy offers the best coaching for GP Rating

General Purpose Rating is known as GP Rating. It is a pre-sea training program. The interested candidates can join the GP Rating training after passing their 10th examination. GP Rating is an excellent opportunity for those students who want to join the Merchant Navy. After completion of the GP Rating program, the candidates will get their job posting in Merchant Navy. Candidates can join the academy to get the best GP Rating coaching in Dehradun.

The selected candidates will have to undergo six months pre-sea training course. All cadets get training for Deck Crew and Engine Crew during the training period of GP Rating. Deck Crew and Engine Crew courses are available as individual programs, but GP Rating combines these two courses and trains the cadets for both.

Under this course, the cadets get training for different tasks such as fire prevention, first aid, ship familiarization faring, ship machinery, swimming, safety technology, basics of the sea, and many more.

GP Rating not only provides candidates with job security but also provides financial assurance. If candidates want to join defence forces of the country, then Dehradun Defence Academy can help the candidate in qualifying the GP Rating course. We also provide Best Merchant Navy Coaching in Dehradun with all the training based on defence sector routine.

Dehradun Defence Academy will help candidates in preparing for GP Rating selections. Interested candidates must go through this article to know more about GP Rating coaching, selection, and training.

Who is eligible for GP Rating?

  • The minimum age of the candidates should be 18 years, and the maximum age should be 25 years.
  • The candidates willing to apply for GP Rating must have passed 10th exam from a recognized Board scoring minimum 40% with Science, Mathematics as subjects. 
  • The candidates having any other advanced educational qualifications are also eligible to apply for GP Rating.
  • All candidates must note that if they had qualified 10th standard but have failed in the 12th, they can also pursue the GP Rating course.
  • As per the rules and regulations of the Merchant Navy, the candidates need to be fit both physically and mentally to perform different seafaring roles.
  • The eyesight of the candidates should be 6/6 in both the eyes (unaided vision).
  • The candidates should not have any problem with color blindness. 

Why Dehradun Defence Academy is the best institute for GP Rating coaching?

Dehradun Defence Academy is a famous coaching centre for Best NDA Coaching in Dehradun. Many candidates join the academy to get coaching for different examinations & GP Rating coaching is one among those. The candidates join Dehradun Defence Academy from different cities of the country to prepare for GP Rating selections.

We have the most experienced faculty and trainers that provide the best GP Rating coaching in Dehradun. Our trainers designed a training plan as per the selection procedure of GP Rating. They train the candidates following their training plan, which includes various tasks and activities such as sports & games, group tasks, individual tasks, workouts, and many more.

Our trainers also provide personality development classes to develop the overall personality of the candidates. Personality development does not mean developing only the appearance, but mentally & emotionally also candidates need to be confident and fit. Our faculty equally focus on training the candidates on time-management and discipline. These two components (discipline and time-management) are also an integral part of the Merchant Navy. Hence, the candidates need to be disciplined and should have an understanding of the importance of time-management. 

Apart from this, various features prove Dehradun Defence Academy is the top GP Rating coaching institute in Dehradun such as,

  • Dehradun Defence Academy offers an excellent infrastructure that can quickly grab the attention of the candidates.
  • Hostel and mess facilities are one of the major factors that most candidates look for while joining a GP Rating coaching centre. 
  • We have a well-equipped library that plays an essential role in the preparation of the candidates for GP Rating Coaching in Dehradun.
  • We have Good medical facilities for candidates of them during any health issue.
  • Spacious classrooms for all candidates for GP Rating Coaching.
  • A well-equipped common study room for the candidates for self-study.
  • A huge sports ground to participate and perform various outdoor activities and training purposes.
  • Special classes for Spoken English to improve the interpersonal skills needed to qualify for GP Rating.
  • Regular tests to track the preparation and performance of each candidate so far.
  • The academy also shows inspirational movies and conduct motivational speeches by expert lecturers to boost positive energy in the candidates preparing for GP Rating.
  • The candidates also get feedbacks from their trainer that helps them to recognize their weak points. This feedbacks help the candidates to focus on more hard work to improve their weak points. 
  • The candidates get the best theoretical as well as practical knowledge required for the selection procedure of GP Rating. 

Apart from these, many other factors are good enough to prove Dehradun Defence Academy as one of the best coaching institutes for GP Rating. Candidates can join the academy to get Best GP Rating Coaching in Dehradun.

General syllabus of Pre-Sea Training course

  • The basic grounding duties in the ship as a routine such as operations, legislation, etc.
  • A good foundation of principles of accident prevention, fire fighting, safety, pollution at sea, first aid, etc.
  • A basic knowledge (both theoretical and practical) of the ship’s compass and also the hints of steering. 
  • Basic engineering knowledge, maintenance, and working practices with safety.
  • Good knowledge about different tools, equipment, instruments that are usually found an onboard ship.
  • Perfect knowledge of handling ropes, blocks, tackles, rigging, etc. practically.
  • Good knowledge and practice in handling a lifeboat and how to start its diesel engine.
  • Workshop training practically in different fields like plumbing, electrical, carpentry, machine shop, diesel maintenance shop & hot work and many more.
  • All the ratings must have complete these compulsory courses during the training period.
  • PST (Personal Survival Techniques)
  • FPFF (Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting)
  • EFA (Proficiency in Elementary First Aid)
  • PSSR (Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities)
  • OTFC (Oil Tanker Familiarisation)
  • Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties

The candidates must note that all the instructions during the training period are in English. Physical training, parade, and other sports activities are a part of the curriculum and compulsory for all the candidates.

The candidates willing to start GP Rating coaching can join Dehradun Defence Academy. We will provide candidates with the Best GP Rating coaching in Dehradun so that candidates can qualify the selection procedure. Interested candidates can contact us by providing their details below.

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